Sunday, June 30, 2013

万華鏡を落として - 藍乃

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Upload Date: 03/11/13
Vocals: 初音ミク & 重音テト - Hatsune Miku append & Kasane Teto
Composer: 藍乃 - Ainō
Illustrator & Movie: つばきこいし - Tsubaki Koishi

Drop a Kaleidoscope

The sky that I drew while in class.
There's no clouds, and it can be seen well.
The comet I saw within a dream.
You're silent.
I open my eyes at 12 in the morning,
compress my telescope,
And peek through my kaleidoscope
that I practiced with on rainy days--

A meteor shower is streaming by. Without knowing of my heart,
I dunno about something like fixed star evolution theory.
You and love are to this night, gold and indigo are to shooting stars--
I wonder if your eyes will see it once the night dawns.

The moon was in the way of the shining stars
and I turned off the lights.
The streaming sky. There was no wind,
I just strained my eyes,
It was getting cold at 2 in the morning,
and I was getting a little numb.
I who couldn't see your face
put my eye to my telescope--

The stardust that was spread all about the streamlined starry sky
Is a big triangle in the winter that gathers in the heart of Sirius.
The rings of Saturn are a belt line. Neptune is a deep blue--
Could I someday find a star that doesn't shine?

How's we see off the meteor shower and make some hot coffee?
The Pleiades star cluster. The galactic system.
You murmur:

You and love are to this night, gold and indigo are to shooting stars--
I want to be holding hands with you once the night dawns.