Friday, December 28, 2012

幽艶街 - ふろく

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Upload Date: 11/03/12
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer & Illustrator: ふろく - Furoku

Dim Charm Town

The blue overhead that flows
With morning, day, night is the esoteric sky;
Only at the end does it want to be clear
Like those clouds and be swaying, now.

Trivial things get amazingly awful.
Though I'd been tired many, many times,
I even took maybe-fun singing along with myself
As a splash, and I came to not be vanishing.

"It's fun."
"It's agonizing."

What to do? I'm already tired.
If I vanished, everything would end.
I became as dark as night,
And alone, now, did I crouch and cower.

Much lies beckoned misunderstanding.
Although I don't even have the time to search for love,
It's fine if they die soon, the idiots who think
Of where they should go to be free.

Morning, I'm sleepy, do not wanna move.
Daytime, the others are overflowing with excitement.
Night, I manage to be able to walk around.
Tomorrow, it'd be nice to cease to be already, now.

"I'm sad."
"I'm glad."

Trivial things get amazingly awful.
Since though I'd been tired many, many times,
I came to just hate the maybe-fun
Singing along with myself.

Isn't it pretty; since this view
Vanished, now, my heart dances,
Since I will never again use
Those kinds of words tomorrow.