Friday, December 28, 2012

ID - KulfiQ

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Upload Date: 12/21/12
Vocals: IA
Composer: KulfiQ
Illustrator: 長乃 - Nagano
Right Guitarist: くらげP - KurageP


I think,
That just about everyone is
But themselves,
And I wound others.

My memory I saw in a dream,
Get rid of it, now, get rid of it, now.
I'm continuing to falsify, that I'll grasp in these hands
The existence I yearned for,
A fanciful world.

Still a child who can't hide her irritation,
Only my meaningless self is at a loss.

Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.

The free world that I exchange a promise with
Dissolves into a song that's brilliantly pure white;
The moonlight of 25:00 is scary,
And I close, my eyes.

"How about now?"
Someone's voice reverberates within my head.
"It's fine now."
I unconsciously hum those kinds of words.
I waited for a reply that didn't come back.
It came in the future of three minutes later.
Oh, that's right, that voice is me.
I did whisper to me.

I tried aiming a shotgun, with just one round,
At my feet to shoot at them.
Who did the trajectory that faced and flew
Into the day after tomorrow penetrate?
"This is the sound of killing a person."
"This is now, a sign of dying."
The twilight is dyed a scarlet hue,
And it erases my red.

Thank you, ever lovely days.

When was it again that I last listened to music?
Now, I wonder if I don't remember.
Humming my favorite song,
I look at the sky that won't cloud over ever again.
I mean, to say just how happy you are,
It's impossible for it to be eternally or something.
If I can't erase the large drops of tears at all,
Then, shall I go on ahead alone?

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