Wednesday, May 30, 2012

如月アテンション - じん (自然の敵P)

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Upload Date: 5/27/12
Vocals: IA
Composer: じん (自然の敵P) - Jin (Shizen-no-tekiP)
Movie: わんにゃんぷー - Wan'nyanpū
Drummer: ゆーまお - Yūmao
Bassist: 白神真志朗 - Shiragami Shinjirō

Author's Comments
"The song of an idol whom you can't speak to people of."

February Attention

Wow. Where should I go? I wonder if my clothes are a bit shoddy.
Ah, the afternoon when I gave up just about everything.

Wow. Since it's a bit hard to step in heels that overreach me,
I'll roughly put on my hood and go so as to not be exposed.

The shopping district. I leave towards a back alley--
Ah, my heart seems to be throbbing somewhat.

When the wind suddenly blows, my hood slips down, and immediately from the view point of the spectators.
". . . As I thought, it seems she does have casual weekends."

This is terrible. I want to quit. Banners of thanks for the full house! Though I say such things,
The truth it is that I'm blue, so I'm stressed. I stand out.
This is terrible. I want to escape. I expected this.
"Don't look at me anymore!!" . . . I also put such words in my pocket.

Wow. Since long ago, I've attracted public attention a bit for some reason.
And even with that, well, I seem to have begun to get used to it.

Wow. There's something I've heard. Though I can't remember it a bit,
"Ah, ugh! What an awful genetic make-up!" Though I can't even say those kind of words--

The main street changes to be panicking.
I want to quit being an idol already.

"For it to come to something like this . . ." That one day, stupid me had a simple thought
About the dream I'd designed to be in a stage light a bit . . .

This is terrible. I can't say it. Though the cheers overflow,
"Is this that good . . . ?" It's boring. It won't be understood.
This is terrible. I want to vanish. Without being voiced,
"No way. Tears are coming out." With those kind of words, I covered my pocket.

. . . It can't go on like this anymore, huh. Is it cheers that I hear?
If I've noticed the scene I saw in a dream, I'm already encountering it;
If it's "terrible", I want to change it. I'm not alone.
Come, with words that won't show me off--

Ah, it seems I can go on somehow! Their hearts seem to overflow
So much they could burst, so will I steal them!? Will I steal them!?
From that kind of "dream" that I crammed the things I wanted to convey into,
I won't avert my eyes anymore. Come, come, let's advance with a skip tomorrow too!