Sunday, October 20, 2013

ショッピングモール - フライングジラフ

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Upload Date: 10/07/13
Vocals: IA
Composer: フライングジラフ - Flying Giraffe
Illustrator: neyagi

Author's Comments
"'Let's go out in search of clothes that suit you.'"

Shopping Mall

The town is calling. Shopping. Lookit.
I lose consciousness, together with you for always.

It's the celebration for your 0th year of age.
Let us meet again under the sunlight through the trees.
Let us dance together.

Let's buy new clothes, clothes that suit you.
Hey, I flat out forget, all these fun things.

Shopping at an underwater department store.
Lookit. I find purpose,
Together with you for always.

The mysterious is calling. For me? (For you?)
A twilit Utopia.
Wrapped up in our futon, let us sing.

Let's buy new clothes. I like the beatitudinal you.
Hey, I flat out get rid of it.
All of these fun memories fall, fall from the sky,
Like a bargain sale.
Puddles wrapped up the world.