Wednesday, October 23, 2013

アザミ - さのん

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Upload Date: 06/02/13
Vocals: 初音ミク & Gumi - Hatsune Miku & Gumi
Composer: さのん - Sanon
Illustrator: ユキ - Yuki


Your flower that wildly hurt in a corner. A thistle.
Do you die and does love vanish if you touch it, I wonder?
Ah...what a loss...
I pour water,
While you're gone...

A moving tale I could write
Enchanting you well,
Washed away as I spoke, you fell in love. come...
I'm breathing while
You're gone, I wonder?

"Do you want to be loved?"
I'm still tormented
By that day's words even now--
I sleep quietly with my back turned.
Did you love me that night?

Since the ingrained fragrance of a flower
Awakens my memories with you,
It'll come to be that I flat out end it
With these hands, the same as you did.

The moon will not move.
The endless night...
It'll come to be that I have a terribly long nightmare.
Really resembles that day
When I tightened on you...

A cooled texture,
The water of a fallen flower,
Respiration that grows weak and thin,
The tears too streaming out of you,
Tomorrow it will all BE MINE...

I can hear the sound of today's rain
That grows intense striking the window,
And it frightens me, almost as if
You had come to kill me.

The door to a world where no one is.
Binding two with this rope to open it.
So as that your ever-fragrant voice
Be heard closer to me...

Since the ingrained fragrance of a flower
Awakens my memories with you,
I think that I shall flat out end it
With these hands, the same as you did.

Within my dimming consciousness,
I had a feeling that I'd seen the phantom of someone.
The words I whisper lovably:
"Do you want..."
"To be loved by me?"