Sunday, September 1, 2013

夏ノ夜幻想曲-ナツノヨファンタジア- - たかぴぃ

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Upload Date: 08/31/13
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: たかぴぃ - Takapii
Illustrator: BIYONBIYON

Summer Night Fantasia

I'm home!

6:04 PM at home
6:05 PM at home

Without choosing the time and situation, suddenly
It's going out of its way to come at me abruptly.

Female High Schooler
Gender: Female
Level: 16
HP: 158
MP: 42

- Old Magazine Sword
- Tissue Shield

This is a state of emergency (SCRAMBLE).
An intrusion.
Charging into a compulsory EVENT.
There's no other way to move forward.
I can never avoid it.

My trampled paradise
that's oozing.
Even if I assume that these hands were defiled,
I'll attack the enemy without fail,
For the sake of tomorrow's peace.

---Miku---       -->
Fight              Stage Type         --  1 Animal
Run Away

Don't interfere with me
Any further than this.
There's surely got to be
A place you ought to return to.
I'm sorry.
YOUR place to be
Isn't here.
These thoughts that I can't surrender--

I'll guard freedom
And peace with these hands.
Don't ever think badly of it.

Miku's attack!
A miss!
The opponent dodged it nimbly!
Miku's attack!
A miss!
She can't manage the timing!
A miss!
A satisfactory hit!

And so the world wore on!

8:48 PM after dinner
8:49 PM after dinner

(Are you serious?)
(What is this for?)
(Is this now?)
(You're too uglyー.)

ーSortie immediately, and intercept the enemy.
Don't let it reach the sanitary bed.
Repel every "threat".

It makes its appearance like it owns the place
Above my head.
(Go away, would youー.)
On the verge of a state of emergency (SCRAMBLE).
Airspace violation.
I didn't want
To meet it ever again.

My overshadowed air-defense net
That was slipped through.
An alternative doesn't exist.
I'll attack the enemy without fail,
For the sake of a healthy sleep.

"Hatsune Miku appears!"

Aviation Type            1 | Miku            158/158

A time when they've stopped moving is a chance.
Don't pick a fight with me
Any further than this.
It's weak against synthetic pyrethrum.
Bear in mind! This
IS my
I can't let
you do
as YOU like.
Roach Sol.
These feelings that I won't shake--

I'll defend myself
without relying on anyone.
I absolutely can't pull back.

The limits
Of my patience at last.
The time has come!
The assault too is already unavoidable.

Don't pick a fight with me
Any further than this.
Recognize the sound! I am truly
And seriously begging
Of you!
I'm sorry.
YOUR place to be
Isn't here.
This wish that won't change--

I'll seize an hour (time)
of repose with these hands.
It'd be great if you let us live
With each other in a happy place, y'know.

11:21 PM in the bathroom