Monday, September 2, 2013

8月32日 - Diarays

The Long Month is how the month of September was referred to via the old Japanese lunar calendar.

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Upload Date: 08/31/13
Vocals: 鏡音リン・レン - Kagamine Rin/Len append
Composer: コウ - Kou of Diarays
Musicians: コウ & rins & ショウタロス - Kou, rins, & Shoutarosu of Diarays

August 32nd

"Natsuki, what're you reading?"
"A book called 'The Oblivion Diary'."
"This scenery took its time getting here. Put that dirty book down."
"The happiness of reading in the middle of Mother Nature, is unbeknownst to Sora."

The end of August.
The Long Month which was supposed to come around every year,
It didn't come for us.

Within the solitary forest,
At a shrine filled with black,
The songs (games) of evening cicadas bloom as
The opposite of quiet thoughts.

The sky that's astir in the twilight.
The wind chime that rings in the distance
Is the world we can't go back to.
We now separated our tightly
Bound hands.

Why aren't I touching you?
Why can't I see you?

The scent of summer that disturbed
the two of us who ran away.
On the calendar, it's like the Long Month
That's supposed to go on wasn't there from the start--

The cogs with broken
Existences jarred.
They spun and spun
and called for you many times.

Wish                 To be with Sora.
Full Name             Natsuki                August 31
I can't hear you.
I can't touch you.
While I'm this close,
While my see-through body too
Is lovely, I'm being scorched--

I want to see you
One more time.

put me back.
Gimme the means
to bring her back.

Natsuki was growing invisible to Sora.
And so he himself too,
Was starting to go away from this world.

The sky that's astir in the twilight.
On a branching path.
You choose to let go of the day that'll no longer
Come back--

"I'll go now,
to a perpetual summer."
"Forgive me, 'kay,

You smiled
and let me go.
I wonder if I
was able to love you.
The singing voice
of summer rewinding.
The very own of we who vanished,
August 32nd.

He opened his eyes.
Something was missing,
On September 1st.

The evening cicadas were wailing.