Thursday, September 5, 2013

リベリオ - imis!n

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Upload Date: 02/01/13
Vocals: 波音リツ - Namine Ritsu
Composer: nog of imis!n
Lyricists: roni & nog of imis!n
Arranger: 西久志 - Nishiku Shi
Illustrator & Movie: 甘倉 - Amakura
Voice Manipulator: cillia


Let's go the winner,
or letting go the winner.
The preparations are over.

stand up the loafer,
or heat up the chamber.
Feel it, a sense of lively motion.

Cling to people, and gimme your tears.
No matter when, I can't see in front of me.
Unable to show my comical figure,
I destroy my cage and flap my wings--

A whole bunch of lies that
"Aren't", "aren't", "aren't"
so merciless.
Don't be deceived by every day that lost its place
In the puzzle and rotted.

I'm "good for nothing" and fine.
There's no tomorrow when I have to be able to take a step, see.
The end won't come.
I say I was showing off--
My stiff smile isn't cheerful at all.
I don't need it anymore.

ever been a loser,
or ever known a loser?
Hurry up and throw the dice.

still been just a dreamer
or going up a latter.
On the days when I "only" lived--

A whole bunch of lies that
"Aren't", "aren't", "aren't"
so innocent.
Don't be washed away by the pretentious audience
That swarms around you.

I'm "good for nothing" and fine.
Even if there was just about nothing, tomorrow would be there.
The end won't come.

I'm "good for nothing" and fine.
Carrying out my no-good essence by nature and barefoot,
The end won't come.
Even so,
A night in Samarkand.
I won't be chilly
even in the middle of the desert, see.
I only run past it now.

shining lights forever.
I guess I have to need to start a new war.
wow... or what else could I be?
dead killer? so could I be ever.
every words that I've said are walking over.
wow... you'll have to let it go.