Thursday, September 5, 2013

月光食堂 - 古川本舗

Upload Date: 11/02/12
Vocals: acane_madder
Composer: 古川本舗 - Fullkawa Honpo
Illustrator: タマリ 中川尚 - Tamari Nakagawa Nao
Director: Naohiro Yako of flapper3
Motion: Taiyo Yamamoto of flapper3

Moonlight Dining Room

The white and silver tiptoes that you touched.
They shook again. Won't you let them go for me?
With soup at my right hand, and the dust of stars at my left,
My cheeks that had foolishly slackened were tinged with crimson.

My strayed emotions and this body
Again arrange to meet here, see,
And it is fine if I just wait,
Gazing alone at the changing seasons.

When your nights finally end,
I'll greet the new mornings,
Until the day I can meet again with someone
Who'll sit here following that.

The white and silver tiptoes that you touched.
They have already withered. Won't you let go of them for me?

The moon too is a white fresh light.
Faint shadows that spread in the spoons.
If I can lonesomely smile alone on nights
When I've gently awoken--

I shall dance with tomorrow which sits next to me,
Dance a waltz with vertigo and steps.
The nights which are the same as changing seasons
Are detaching and falling.

One of the white nails that you attached.
When I traced it, it vanished.
It vanished like I soaked it up.