Wednesday, May 1, 2013

CoralZ - やまじ

Upload Date: 2014.10.17
Original Upload Date: 2013.04.25
Vocals: 鏡音リン - Kagamine Rin
Composer: やまじ - Yamaji
Illustrator: No.734
Movie: えむめろ - Emumelo
Mastering: redo


You're giving tears to the maddening cosmos.
There's no reason anywhere--
The longings of night waves. The spiral I could hardly remember
Changed completely into a storm.

Before I open my eyes--

The phantasy that's starting to break.
Who's fault is it?
I lose sight of abnormality in the divine protection of the oppression
Of the invisible others.
Beat it to the punch quick.
I can laugh at unforgivable times,
Since the future will come.

The circus is how life is.
The backstabbing that I haven't even seen
Is the voices that shake up heads--
How are you guys?
Your consciousnesses that a thorny
Sound is dyed into fade.

It could explode so much
That I would be unable to tame it
With only my methods, see.
Pressured pulsations.

In the case there's
An ending to this game,
There'll be no tomorrow for this body
That is torn to pieces by side effects.
If my face reflects on the sharpened blade
Like a colored reef,
My memory will vanish.

I continued to yearn
For thornless words,
And the sound of the sea's roar
Totally dried up too.

Before I open my eyes,
Shut me in with your hands, would you.

The heart I could see
That was so excessively clean
That I'd be killed before I withered and vanished
In the broken world.
Carve with cold eyes.
Destroy the unforgivable times
And sit on the throne.