Friday, May 3, 2013

孤独な猫の歌 - dino

Requested by cherryblossomcb of Blogger.
Please excuse the excess silence at the end of the song. I believe the composer is still learning.

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Upload Date: 05/03/13
Vocals: Gumi
Composer: dino

Song of a Solitary Cat

I was living
While being blown on by the cold wind,
A small cardboard box.

Me as I child
Who knew but that place.
I was but able
To look up at the sky.

No matter how many times I see off backsides,
There's no person who comes back.
My heart falls into a deep ocean,
And I meet you at that kind of time.

Your voice amounts to light,
And it's tenderly melting my heart.
You reminded
Me of the things I believed.
I'll be
Protecting you forever.

Quiet days
Are passing mildly,
A warm sunny spot.

Just by
Walking next to you,
I found
Some small happiness.

While gazing at the cycling seasons,
While embracing time passing,
Our place, our precious place--
I want to be living here forever.

Your smile that gave me warmth.
Even though I wanted to continue looking at it for eternity,
I was feeling a premonition at the time of the ending
Of the shortness
Of the time that was left.

Since it's destined to end,
I'll let
The transient, pretty flower bloom.
Although the truth is I'm a little scared,
Since I very much
Loved you--

Although I'll go ahead of you
To the other side of that river,
I pray for the happiness of tender you,
And I'll be watching over you
Forever from far away.