Saturday, May 4, 2013

水鏡ディストーション - PolyphonicBranch

Requested anonymously.

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Upload Date: 05/03/13
Vocals: Gumi
Composer: PolyphonicBranch
Illustrator: moco
Movie: Silve
Subject Collaborator: hie

Reflecting Water Distortion

Within the cheers,
A dream that drops dead
By a bullet onstage.

The rest of the film
      You saw at the end
Being rewound repeatedly.

Are the sounds you play
The loneliness
      that you were seeking?
Your shadow does ask.
The GHOSTS who start whispering
On sleepless nights are starting a fire.
"Look now, right here, you should place your fingers."

Wait for the strat,
Step on the pedal,
Shout out your true self.
Embrace your bombed emotions,
The song that denotes
Your existence!
Run up,
Strum the scales,
Totally erase
The noise.
The PHRASES of sadness that overflow from your Marshall
Squeeze your chest and won't stop.

You were escaping.
A melody
That was too distorted and totally failed.
The weakness you hid.
      The riff you etched
Does grieve, "You know that."

Even if you murmur to the score of the vacuum
      that you can't live if they're gone,
God won't descend.
The trailing note that rang out a chord is engulfed.
And so you assume the night will end again.
"Look now, this, it's your reality."

Oh, the ends of despair that are swirling.
What's the thing that you discovered?
You took it into your hand within the darkness.
It makes you echo again.
Though there are no longer
Any definite things,
There is a song you want to share.
My very own singing voice that no one can steal--

Are cheering for more and more.
Even if you cover and close them with both hands,
The ringing in your ears won't give up.

You're being eroded
By your shadow's questions.
Or, is it my weakness?
Only the echo
                  of a DISTORTION
Has the power to destroy this reflective water--

Wait for the strat,
Step on the pedal,
Shout out your
True self.
      your bombed emotions,
The song that denotes
Your existence!
Now, run up,
Strum the scales,
Totally erase the noise.
The compensation of loveliness that flowed in from the pedal
Is evidence that you're here,
Incomplete as it is.