Thursday, October 23, 2014

あなたはクズだわ - ぎっちょんの人

Upload Date: 2009.12.18
Vocals: 巡音ルカ - Megurine Luka
Composer: ぎっちょんの人 - Gicchon no Hito
Illustrator: 鷹緒 - Takao

Author's Comments
The Showa era will continue, no matter where.
It is something of a love song.

You are Such Garbage

You are such garbage.

Having been forced by you in the end
to make a promise you can't keep,
this is the way things are.

Wait just a little more.
To be tricked by those kind of words;
just when the heck will they come true?
It's truly useless.

Being made to wait so much, and this is it.
It's something, a thing I've heard of somewhere.
I'm rapidly losing sight of something.
You are such garbage.

Sorry, I can't go. (*_ _)人

Hot Spring Trip

There's no reason to be able to want
to be like this all the time, is there?
It's already like this a lot.

Misunderstanding is one thing,
what with all those kind of good conditions.
Don't act like a spoiled brat anywhere in any way.
It's truly stupid.

Being made to wait so much, and that's it?
It's something, a LIE I've heard somewhere.
My feelings are rapidly leaving.
You are such garbage.

I don't hate you.
But do listen.
I can't wait forever.
You got that?

Were you to wait so much, it'd be like this for you.
It's something, a feeling of 'I don't care either way'.
Something is rapidly crumbling.
You are such garbage.

That's why I'm being made to wait, and this is it?
It's true, it's a feeling of 'I don't care either way'.
I don't get what it means at all.
You are such garbage.

I'm also such garbage.