Thursday, October 23, 2014

Astral Domination - やまじ

Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 2014.10.09
Original Upload Date: 2012.03.06
Vocals: 鏡音リン・レン - Kagamine Rin & Len appends
Composer: やまじ - Yamaji
Movie: しづ - Shidzu
Mastering: 友達募集P - TomodachiBoshūP

Author's Comments
A certain ascendancy and angels, was that fiction or reality?

Astral Domination

within the
purple-colored light
sways a UFO.
Dreams are awakening.
The demise reflected in my eyes
at half past five in the morning.
You're a UFO.
Is that normal?

So merciless it's astounding.
Inorganic hearts.
They dive into the dark.

Within sound,
I soar away
and shake the cosmos.
The inside of my head is
Countless civilizations (stars)
that are vanishing
with no way to achieve.
The confusion it creates.
See if you can stop it.

I hid you.
I hid you somewhere,
in hope that you wouldn't drown in the sea of my memory.
I searched for you.
I forgot myself.
Even I'm an alien, see.
The promise vanished.

I hid you. I forgot you.
Your appearance in history
that I created--

Stabbing at shining lines,
I peer into secrets.
With gaze-sensing telepathy,
your words etch into my ears.
A program that challenges
and risks hurting bodies.
Grey sensations. Collapse error.
Beginning to fall into disarray,
the rhythm of purpose.

Within the crumbling town,
I looked upside-down.
The time of the end
is upon this earth (planet)--
A place of promise that can't be ended
nor permitted.
Let's make it end now.

That world that I saw through a sidelong glance
is so blue it's miraculous,
      (When I can see love,)
and those wings that I spilled
are like those angels' that I once heard of.
      (I will change.)

if this hand gets through,
I bet I'll vanish.
I bet I'll vanish along with that
that hand of yours in the cosmos.
Although the future we want to see isn't there,
only the memories we want to kill
expand in the narrow cosmos,
and are the bursting
Astral Domination.