Saturday, February 8, 2014

ロストエンファウンド - sasakure.UK

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Upload Date: 07/09/10
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku append dark & sweet
Composer: sasakure.UK
Illustrator: 茶ころ - ChaKoro

Lost And Found

Though I inquire, "Are you ready?",
You do not know this game to begin with.
Oh, it seems you are skillfully hiding.
You do not understand if you are hiding or not to begin with.

Each time I searched for love-colored fragments,
I did insist that there was no such thing for me.
I bet it is the place that they visited too;
A lot of miracles (tracks) definitely did exist.

Everyone is
A thing to search for.
Two people.
Like they surely comprehended something.
I bet we'll meet somewhere.
We'll cuddle close together
With the same-colored facial expressions (faces)--

If I had the courage to move forward one more step,
Would I be able to face you yourself here without resistance (hesitance), I wonder?
"I'm ready."
I looked over my shoulder at your voice.
It changed color in the vacant world covered in flaws (wounds).

But I can't find someone like you.
I was sad and miserable and I started to run away.
I pass under the breaks of lies in a daze,
I want to bump into you and spit out the poison and flat out crumble down--
The lies are hiding the true you.

I lose my place
To be.
I trip.
Taken aback, I give them a glance.
They look at me who's puzzledly struggling.
I panic and avert my eyes.

"They say that you were already hiding your face
In the confusion of the moment before the game, yes, even began, y'know."
"It's too late now."
I clung to their voices.
I gently threw excuses at the preposterous place I escaped to.

Yup, I can't find someone like you.
I was sad and miserable and I started to run away.
I pass under the breaks of lies in a daze--
Was frightening and I neglected my limbs.

Was the one who was hiding truly you?
Since way, way before the game began for me too,
Weren't you slipping into glossing things over and
Hiding your true face?
Although I flat out lost the love-colored fragments,
Although just a little time has flat out passed,
I just face you, and I have only one word
That I ought to convey.

Who decided that they couldn't find the things
That they totally lost?
I will make this game end.
Start to run. I do start to run.

I want to SEE you. I want to SEE you,
I'll stick out my tongue in regards to having tripped,
And I am gonna laugh. I am gonna laugh.

Your tears that started flowing out with all their might,
Your voice that got hoarse and vanished,
And your heart that you lost too--
"--Now I found you."