Monday, May 7, 2012

しわ - buzzG

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Upload Date: 05/07/12
Vocals: Gumi
Composer: buzzG
Illustrator & Movie: モゲラッタ - Mogelatte
Bassist: Kei Nakamura
Engineer: tomoboP

Author's Comments
"It is just, a song to enforce one's will, straightforward, straightforward, straightforward as is."


Passing by the person I love at the same time,
Some amount of time might've passed.
The worn-out period has gone far away,
Though I thought, "I can't love a person."

You wrenched open the door;
Do you notice it?

Remember. The wrinkles are multiplying one by one.
It's getting fun to think of what'll be tomorrow, augh.
Each time the wrinkles multiply by one,
I see a you that seems even happier than yesterday,
So let's maintain the status quo.

Amassing the people I loved and my years,
Some amount of time might've passed.
"When one of us is done, it'll be with a smile."
Do you remember our promise?

Let's get married!
The 9th ring you've bought at Isetan.
It's the same kind.

Remember. The wrinkles are multiplying one by one.
The orange sky is darkening.
Even if I'm made to burst into tears,
Each time I count the number of wrinkles,
I won't give up the take now.
We exist,
So there's no expiration date.

Something like "eternity." It's really pointless, huh.
But now I can't take it back and erase it, can I?

So then make me pledge one more time.

When it's finally the day of my last moment,
You who must be by my side,
Like a child,
You'll be shedding tears. Augh.
You were your prettiest at this point.

"I'm happy."
Saying thus, I closed my eyes.