Saturday, April 21, 2012

てるてる坊主と色々イロ - kous

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Upload Date: 05/24/10
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: kous
Illustrator: 夏 - Natsu
Movie: hie

Author's Comments
"The rainy season set in a step ahead..."

The Sunshine Doll and the Various Colors

If the clouds split apart
After that time you smiled,
I'll be able to convey, without crying,
Those days that I smiled with you.

A love-colored color. A cold weather yellow. The color of vestiges.
Rain, rain blue.
Being with you is an ash-colored shadow.

"Well, very soon, I will fade and vanish."
"Well, will you try painting it out?"

At that time that you smiled, I wonder if I can say, "              ".
Properly smiling, I was able to add the color you were looking at.

A shadow-colored color. An ash-colored blue. The inside of my head.
Love's various colors. You are gone,
So it's a cold weather color.

"Well, very soon, my shadow will become a lie (black), and vanish."

The story of a year ago when you smiled, and I smiled.
Now you won't even show me such behavior... Do you hate me?

Until the day you'll smile at me, I'll be waiting right here.
As if I'd be able to go back to that day, I hung up a sunshine doll.