Thursday, November 22, 2012

結晶 - Chiquewa

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Upload Date: 02/08/11
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku append solid
Composer: Chiquewa
Illustrator: ゆうきち - Yuukichi


In the high-up clear sky is the light of a flurry of snow. The landscape will eventually be dyed white.
In two shadows stretched long, there are no more gaps where they can't be upfront.

Even at times when I tremble in the cold wind,
It is not cold out if I am next to you.

Let's make a promise. Even if the time ever
Arrives that the two of us get separated,
Don't be sad, 'kay. Let's be smiling,
Since any wish will come true someday,
If we believe.

Although I can speak but of this kind of thing,
It truly was nice to encounter you.

I take a detour, anxiously frightened;
The tears I shed are within my memories.

You smile as if you are an angel
Who got lost in a snowy world.
Even if months and days flow by and we grow old,
Let's be together. Believe that these times
Will continue for eternity.

Although I can't word it very well,
It was truly, truly nice with you.